In recent years, the unemployment rate in Linden has tripled and the problem is so bad that hundreds of working families right here in our city have lost their homes to foreclosure.
People need good jobs now and Jimmy Moore will support initiatives to rapidly improve our economic foundation.
 The amount of money being wasted in City Hall is insane!
Some City Council members are arguing to renew the contract for one of three part time attorneys whose Linden salary and benefits exceed $100,000 a year.
We have to stop paying political insiders two or three times what the average homeowner earns by working full time in a real job.
It is a matter of sheer arrogance that allows someone to demand so much from taxpayers when they are given the honor of our public trust.
 Jimmy Moore was a state Parole Board hearing officer for 32 years.
In addition to his crime-fighting experience, he studied at Jersey City State College and the John Jay College of Criminal Justice.
Moore will work to assure public safety in Linden by keeping politics out of police work and organizing local citizens to support law enforcement.
 Linden residents are not getting their money's worth in municipal services but as the economy worsens, our city government will need to do more with less.  Jimmy Moore was a member of both the City Council and Board of Education, so he knows how to get better results. 
 There's a difference between turning back the clock and restoring the kind of integrity and values that were once common among public servants.
Jimmy Moore will change the culture of corruption that has infected politics.
The current logjam in City Hall is a result of political obstructionism and it is a betrayal of the public trust that hurts taxpaying residents of our city.
Linden needs to move forward and as an experienced Democratic official who has been out of public office for the past 18 years, Moore is well-equipped to help lead that progress.

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